Subject Verb Agreement Practice 5

Proofread and correct the following paragraph for errors in subject/verb agreement.  Keep all corrected verbs in present tense.  When you have finished, check your work against the answer key.

       There is many benefits to using spaced practice instead of massed practice. Massed practice, like cramming for exams, involve studying all of the material at one time.  Spaced practice, on the other hand, involves distributing your study time over a longer period with breaks between practice sessions.  Studying for short periods of time, such as one fifty-minute session, prevent boredom, helps avoid fatigue, and improves motivation.  If you space out your study over a period of days, you gain several additional benefits.  First of all, you delay forgetting.  In addition, you benefit by reviewing and reinforcing the information that you previously studied.

      Spaced practice or distributed practice, as it is also known, allow time for the information to consolidate or jell in long-term memory.  Allowing breaks between learning sessions give you time to think about what you have been studying and to structure and organize it according to what you already know about the topic.  Remember, trying to study many chapters at one time become overwhelming to most students.   Rereading and reviewing is the key to college success.

Adapted from Orientation to College Learning by D. Van Blekrom.

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