Subject Identification Practice 3


Finding the Subject



Underline the simple subjects in the following sentences.  Some sentences may include dependent clauses; underline the subjects of dependent clauses as well.


  1. Robin’s abrasive personality made it difficult for her to develop close friendships.


  1. My stepson’s taste in music is the antithesis of my husband’s. 


  1. Spreading rumors can cause tremendous harm.


  1. To some individuals, criticizing the president of the United States is an inexcusable act, perhaps even subversive.


  1. To others, such criticism is simply freedom of speech.


  1. To clear her client from suspicion was the attorney’s goal.


  1. The dramatic sapphire eyes of the actress in the film mesmerized me.


  1. To arouse the readers’ interest, you should make your opening paragraph provocative.


  1. Here come Hannah and her sisters.


  1. After the charlatan sold the unsuspecting boy a bag of “magic” beans, the boy ran home to his mother.


  1. Whenever Maria makes an impetuous purchase, she ends up returning the item.


  1. In the far corner of the back yard lay a tired golden retriever.


  1. There is something that I wanted to tell you.


  1. Reading is my favorite pastime.


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