Proofreading for Type I Errors: Practice 5

Read the following sentences and determine whether each sentence is correct, is a fragment, has a subject/verb agreement error, includes a comma splice, or is a fused sentence.  No sentence includes more than one error.

    1. The story of the first two years, two months, and two days in the life of a modern Southern marriage.
    2. This book is dangerous, it is one of those rare books that causes fits of uncontrollable laughter.
    3. In the book The Heart of a Distant Forest, Andrew Lachlan meets a woman he had loved, they soon begin seeing each other.
    4. At one point in the novel, Lachlan writes, "It is hard for me to write my hands shake so."
    5. A novel written with insight, poetry, beauty, and passion.
    6. A book meant to be read again and again.
    7. The night became cold, Laura was glad that she packed an extra blanket.
    8. Laura would not sleep well that night she would ache from the damp and freezing air.
    9. Sometimes my life seems like a novel, I am a character lost in a series of confusing subplots.
  10. Living out my life in third person singular.
  11. Reading and walking was all she loved.

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