Proofreading for Type I Errors: Practice 4

Read the following paragraph and determine whether each sentence is correct, is a fragment, has a subject/verb agreement error, includes a comma splice, or is a fused sentence.  No sentence includes more than one error.

    1. Some people eat the strangest food items for breakfast.  2.  Like roast beef, mashed potatoes, and candied yams.  3.  My uncle, who has traveled to China, South America, and Africa, like to eat elephant ears (the plant!) in a coconut cream sauce.  4. My brother Bill likes hot fudge sauce on his grits, my sister likes catsup on her eggs.  5.  My father on rare occasions eat cold pepperoni pizza. 6.  My former neighbors back in Island Grove, Florida, likes to eat swamp cabbage and heart of palm.  7. Other people serve the strangest foods at parties.  8. For instance, chocolate covered turkey!   9.  At my brother Peter's caroling party, he and his wife served an odd variety of finger foods. 10. There was octopus in a lemon butter sauce, squid in a marinara sauce, and oysters in an apricot sauce.  11.  A former boyfriend seasoned pancakes in the oddest ways he liked to throw in pinches of cloves, cumin, and nutmeg.  12.  Thinking he was a creative genius.  13.  No one ate his pancakes.  14.  Not even his dog.

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