Pronoun Case: Practice 3

                             Nominative (Subject)   Case                      Objective Case

   Singular  Plural   Singular   Plural
1st Person   I  we  me   us
2nd Person  you  you  you   you
3rd Person  he, she, it,  
 him, her, it

The nominative case is used when the pronoun is the subject of a verb.
Also, use a subject pronoun after any form of the verb "to be."
The objective case is used when the pronoun is the direct object of a verb or the object of a preposition.

Choose the correct case for each pronoun in the sentences below.

1. Maria and (me, I) are planning a vacation to Florida.

2. I have never been as skillful with computers as (him, he).

3. My mother invited Jill and (her, she) to our Thanksgiving dinner.

4. The worker (who, whom) left the empty soda can on the computer table should not
    have been so thoughtless.

5.  When Chas and I chose a builder, we chose one (whom, who) we believed was

6.  (Who, Whom) do you think won the lottery this week?

7.  I was (he, him), my father, who first noticed the trouble in my marriage.

8.  I would not like to be (him, he) when the boss comes in this morning.

9.  We were taken in by a charlatan (whom, who) we thought was an honest man.

10. Between you and (me, I), who and whom are confusing.

11. The guests (who, whom) we had expected did not arrive.

12. Jane is the one woman with (whom, who) I feel comfortable.

13. (Who, Whom) do you trust the most?

14. What are the reasons for (me, my) studying Italian?

15.  Our drama teacher gave my husband and (I, me) two tickets to see Carmen.

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