Pronoun Case: Practice 2

                             Nominative (Subject)   Case                      Objective Case

   Singular  Plural   Singular   Plural
1st Person   I  we  me   us
2nd Person  you  you  you   you
3rd Person  he, she, it,  
 him, her, it

The nominative case is used when the pronoun is the subject of a verb.
Also, use a subject pronoun after any form of the verb "to be."
The objective case is used when the pronoun is the direct object of a verb or the object of a preposition.

Choose the correct case for each pronoun in the sentences below.

1.  My sister is taller than (I, me).

2.  After hearing his sister explain the fight she had had with husband, Jim exclaimed,
     "the person who should apologize is (him, he)!"

3.  The winner of last night's raffle was (her, she).

4.  My long-time friend went to dinner with my husband and (I, me).

5.  (Her, She) and her friends went to see Hamlet on Landis Green.

6.  The teacher gave (we, us) students extra credit for an optional term paper.

7.  Between you and (I, me), that outfit looks ridiculous on her.

8.  He was not as angry as (them, they).

9.  Please give the leftovers to Paul and (she, her).

10. My sister Lisa and (me, I) take a trip to Panama City every spring.

11. Lisa enjoys shopping more than (me, I).

12. The child Laura was most concerned about was (her, she).

13. When will you start listening to your mother and (I, me)?

14.  I think that (you and him, you and he) are more similar than you think.

15.  She selected Troy (who, whom) she thought could do the job right the first time.

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