Pronoun/Antecedent Agreement Practice 1


1. Neither, either, and each are singular.
2. Words ending in "one," "body," and "thing" are also singular.
3. A collective noun is singular if the group acts as one unit, plural if the members of   the group act as individuals.

Directions: Choose the correct pronoun in the following sentences.

1. Each of the daughters followed (her, their) mother's footsteps.

2. Neither of the actors could remember (his, their) lines correctly.

3. Everyone complained that (his/her, their) food was cold.

4. Neither of my sisters remembered to purchase (her, their) tickets.

5. Late in the evening, the jury finally reached (its, their) verdict.

6. The captains of both teams forgot the words of wisdom that (his,
    his or her, their) coaches had given the night before the championship.

7. Every student should proof (his or her, their) essay for Type I errors.

8. All of my brothers earned (his, their) degrees from Florida State University.

9. Almost everyone was surprised when (he or she, they) heard the news.

10. Everybody on the voyage complained that (he or she, they) were suffering from food poisoning.

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