Subject/Verb Agreement: Practice 2

Reminders: Each, everyone, everybody, and one are singular pronouns.
Watch for prepositional phrases that separate the subject from the verb (of the ____, with the ____). The verb should agree with the subject of the sentence, not the object of the preposition.

Directions: In each of the following sentences, select the appropriate form of the verb.

1. One of my old fillings (need, needs) to be replaced.

2. The young widow with her five small children (want, wants) to get on the bus.

3. In the back of the closet (is, are) some old paperback novels you might like to have.

4. The Chevy with the blue tinted windows (need, needs) washing.

5. Geoffrey (doesn't, don't) have time to finish his work.

6. Along the river's edge (is, are) found many different kinds of wild flowers.

7. Every one of the employees (seem, seems) ready for a vacation.

8. Each of the Academy Award winners (was, were) well-paid.

9. Some of the sweaters that are supposed to be new (have, has) torn seams.

10. One of the clerks (do, does) much better work than the other one.

11. The serving platter with the flowers and vines on it (is, are) pretty.

12. Neither my brothers nor my sister (is, are) going to the beach with me this weekend.

13. Laura, together with Sally and Jon, (is, are) going to Port St. John this weekend.

14. The plumber with his young helper (was, were) at the door only 10 minutes after Maria called.

15. Neither the scouts nor the scoutmaster (was, were) found until the second day of the search.

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