Subject/Verb Agreement Practice 1

Choose the correct verb in the following sentences. Click on the answer key at the end of the practice.

1. There (is, are) an empty cup and a paper bag on the floor.

2. My sister as well as two of my brothers (lives, live) in Florida.

3. The professor, together with twenty-five students, (is, are) happy that the term was almost over.

4. My grandmother and grandfather (look, looks) alike.

5. Either my brothers or my younger sister (is, are) owed my thanks.

6. One of her six children (run, runs) five miles every day.

7. Each of the students (spend, spends) six hours studying for classes every day of the week.

8. Neither of the boys (is, are) willing to study during the weekends.

9. As a result of the conflict, there (is, are) bloodshed and chaos.

10. Do you think that the manager and our supervisor (understands, understand) the problem?

11. Neither my sister nor my brothers (is, are) planning to drive down from New York for my seventh marriage.

12. One of my shoes (is, are) missing.

13. Christopher or Laura (email, emails) me almost every day.

14. Maria's regular salary together with tips (are, is) just enough for her to survive.

15. Under my son's bed (was, were) three Rollingstone magazines.

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