Subject/Verb Agreement: Practice 4

Reminders: Each, everyone, everybody, and one are singular pronouns.
Watch for prepositional phrases that separate the subject from the verb (of the ____, with the ____). The verb should agree with the subject of the sentence, not the object of the preposition.

Directions: In each of the following sentences, select the appropriate form of the verb.

1. There (is, are) a pebble and some sand in my shoe.

2. A list of Dalton State College course offerings (is, are) posted on the college webpage.

3. Details of the accident (was, were) not released.

4. The stereo, together with the phone and the CD layer, (go, goes) dead during electrical storms.

5. Maria and Stephanie (play, plays) Dream Phone on Saturday mornings.

6. Here (is, are) Tom and Jerry.

7. Directions for the recipe (is, are) on the back of the box.

8. In the safety-deposit box at the bank (is, are) is an extra key to my house and some important papers.

9. All of the cookies (taste, tastes) stale.

10. In the locker room (is, are) a few old weights.

11. Neither that Internet site nor the article from Time magazine (was, were) helpful to my research.

12. All of the snow (has, have) melted.

13. Larissa or her cousins (is, are) coming to Dalton to visit.

14. Either the articles on the Internet or the one in library (seem, seems) to have relevant information.

15. The article, together with the web pages, (is, are) too much for me to read today.

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