Subject/Verb Agreement: Practice 3

Reminders: Each, everyone, everybody, and one are singular pronouns.
Watch for prepositional phrases that separate the subject from the verb (of the ____, with the ____). The verb should agree with the subject of the sentence, not the object of the preposition.

Directions: In each of the following sentences, select the appropriate form of the verb.

1. A seer, so my friends tell me, (predict, predicts) events or developments.

2. The seer, together with three other psychics, (plans, plan) to make a number of startling predictions.

3. These predictions, including one about how well you will do on this practice, (is, are) not to be believed.

4. My sister, along with her husband and my parents, (is, are) driving to a wedding this weekend.

5. Inside my refrigerator (is, are) a can of Diet Pepsi and an old English muffin.

6. One of my brothers (was, were) in Atlanta last weekend.

7. The teacher as well as her students (believe, believes) that practice makes perfect.

8. However, I believe that perfect practice, including long drills, (is, are) the key to success.

9. Neither of the two politicians (expect, expects) to lose the race.

10. Neither Senator Smith nor her administrative assistants (return, returns) phone calls.

11. Neither her administrative assistants nor Senator Smith (return, returns) phone calls.

12. Each of the twins (has, have) some unusual habits.

13. The first type of driver that I find annoying (is, are) the speeders.

14. She is one of the students who always (answer, answers) correctly.

15. Sara is the only one of the students who always (answer, answers) correctly.

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