Main Idea Practice 3

Select the stated main idea from the following paragraphs.

Passage 1

1. Karla, a 16-year-old teen from Ohio, ran away from home to get away from her abusive stepmother. 2. She said that she couldn't continue to face constant verbal abuse.  3. Tim left his home in California when he was 17 because his father had become physically abusive.  4. It's not uncommon for teens to run away from home simply because they want more freedom. 5. Clearly, teens run away from home for a variety of reasons.

Passage 2

1. Each year millions of men and women throughout the United States go on diets.  2. Only a few are actually successful in achieving real weight loss.  3. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful?  4. Studies show that there are three factors that contribute to successful weight loss.  5. First, one must be committed to making real changes in one's eating habits.  6.  Crash diets simply do not work over the long term.  7. Second, one must be willing to exercise, and not just once a week.  8.  Finally, it helps to engage in positive self-talk.  9.  Don't tell yourself you'll never lose weight.  10.  Tell yourself that you can.

Passage 3

1. My daughter called me yesterday, excited because she was going on her first job interview.  2. She was also a bit nervous and wanted advice.  3. There are several things one should do to ensure a successful interview.  4. Learn something about the organization ahead of time and be prepared to describe your strengths.  5. Dress appropriately.  6. Don't show up for a dishwashing interview in a suit or for an office job interview in cut-offs or jeans.  7. Arrive on time.  8.  Smile and give the interviewer appropriate eye contact.  9. And don't forget to thank the interviewer for his or her time.

Passage 4

1. Some people try the strangest diets in their efforts to lose weight.  2. Some claim that grapefruit diets really burn up the calories.  3. My aunt lost 20 pounds in three months simply by eating apples, and only apples.  4. And I know a woman from Florida who says that her best diet was an egg and tomato diet.  5. It cost her just about nothing as she owned four laying hens and grew her own tomatoes.  6. And when I was in college, I knew of a co-ed who went on an oatmeal cookie diet.  7. In their attempts to shed those extra pounds, some people try some rather unusual diets.

Passage 5

1. In order to improve learning support pass rates, the College is implementing a variety of strategies. 2. Students in READ 0098 are encouraged to try harder by giving them the opportunity to exit before midterm.  3. The Department of Humanities is also offering COMPASS review sessions for those who fail the COMPASS and are given an extra attempt to exit.  4. The Department of Mathematics has been successful with its COMPASS review sessions for MATH 0098. 5. Furthermore, students in learning support classes are encouraged to use the Math Lab and Writing lab as a means of improving their chances at success.  6. In fact, students who go to the Math Lab and Writing Lab five or more times during the term are more likely to exit their learning support classes than those who do not.

Passage 6

1. Why can't many dieters shed those extra pounds?  2.  If they are honest, these dieters will find that they are sabotaging themselves in a number of ways. 3. For one thing, many dieters underestimate the number of calories in the foods that they eat and drink.  4. That mocha latte from Sonic actually had 560 calories!  5. The sausage patty from Burger King had 200 calories.  6. And the "salad" with the wonderful candied pecans and cranberries had 850 calories!  7. Some diet!  8. In addition, some dieters cheat when they are under stress.  9.  They sneak a candy bar before and after an unpleasant confrontation.  10.  Still others lack the motivation to stay on track.  11.  If they slip up at lunch, they give up and continue to eat what they please the rest of the day, thinking that they will resume the diet the next day. 

Passage 7

1. Many self-help books have been written to show job-seekers how to land the job of their dreams.  2. However, little has been done to help those who wish to stay unemployed.  3.  Baker (2008) has some simple techniques that almost assuredly will keep one unemployed.  4.  His advice includes arriving 10 minutes late for interviews, preferably disheveled.  5. He also suggests chewing gum and wearing excessively strong cologne. 6.  Bad-mouthing a previous employer and using a few four-letter words should also complete the process.  

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