Main Idea Practice 2

Select the stated main idea in the following passages.

Passage 1

A variety of methods can be used to assist people who are suffering from mental disorders.  One such therapy is insight-oriented therapy.  Proponents of this approach believe that success can be achieved only if the client gains insight into the experiences that led up to his or her problem.  Another type of therapy is behavior therapy.  This approach attempts to make changes by using scientifically tested principles of operant and classical conditioning.  Still another type of therapy is group therapy.  This type of therapy involves a therapist and several clients who are all troubled by similar problems.
(adapted from Hahn and Payne, Focus on Health)

Passage 2

One sign of pregnancy is nausea upon awakening.  Other signs are increase in size and tenderness of the breasts.  Still other signs include increase in the frequency of urination and an increase in the size of the abdomen.  Thus, aside from pregnancy tests, a woman can sometimes recognize the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Passage 3

Is this year's holiday season making you tired?  You can easily perk up by following a few easy tips.  First, get plenty of rest.  Second, snack wisely.  Third, keep fit.  Exercise is very important during the holidays--and not just for its weight benefits.  Fourth, take a relaxing bath, and finally try sharing with others.

Passage 4

Are you confused by your holiday leftovers?  Well, don't save any food that has been sitting around on your dining room table or counters for more than two hours after cooking.  Do place the leftovers in the refrigerator while they are still warm.  Don't waste those turkey scraps:  add them to a salad or make a delicious soup.  There are many strategies that you should use when dealing with holiday leftovers.  You can even pool your leftovers with friends and neighbors by having an after-holiday potluck dinner.

Passage 5

An interesting feature of body language is that we are often unaware of it.  We usually do not consciously decide that we will smile, dilate our pupils, and move closer to someone to show our attraction.  We may not be aware that narrowed eyes and a clenched jaw may reveal our anger or rage. Nor are we necessarily aware that eyebrows up and eye blinks reveal that we are startled.  (Adapted from Worchel and Shebilske, Psychology: Principles and Applications, 3rd edition)

Passage 6

Imagine parents' reaction as their rugged young son strides into the living room sporting a dress and hugging a doll.  Equally upsetting to some parents is a little daughter who insists on dressing like a cowboy and beating up the little boy next door.  Problems sometimes result when people rigidly adopt the role of the opposite sex.  This relatively rare childhood disorder is called a gender-identity disorder. (Adapted from Worchel and Shebilske, Psychology: Principles and Applications, 3rd edition)

Passage 7

Yesterday's storm did considerable damage to our neighborhood.  Many stately oaks were uprooted, and several large old pine trees crushed the roofs of at least five houses.  The hail that accompanied the storm damaged all of the cars that were not under shelter, and my neighbor's home was completely demolished.  And my own "detached" garage was certainly detached from its foundation.  Clearly, yesterday's storm caused much destruction.

Passage 8

Some folks think that pets are trustworthy and harmless creatures.  However, it's surprising what little thieves these creatures can be.  My daughter's ferret has stolen my checkbook, my calculator, my wallet, and my change purse.  My officemate's dog stole a neighbor's T-bone steak right off the grill.  My old dog Moonbear was known to steal freshly baked cherry pies and peanut butter cookies, while the dog that lived below us stole his master's roast one day.

Passage 9

Lara is quite different from her sister Lisa.  Lara's hair is jet black and curly, while Lisa's is blond and straight.  Lara stands 5 feet 10 inches in her stocking feet, while Lisa is a mere 5 feet 2 inches (in heels!).  Furthermore, Lara's complexion is olive, quite unlike Lisa's rosy hue. 

Passage 10

Many people are not good listeners.  They may not even realize that they lack this skill.  But almost anyone can become a better listener by being aware of certain negative listening habits.  One such habit is jumping to conclusions before hearing the entire message.  Another bad habit is to nod off when someone is speaking in a monotone.  Turning off to speakers who are not necessarily experts is also a negative listening habit. Yet another bad habit to avoid is the habit of reacting emotionally to certain words.

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