Fragment Practice 5

Identify any fragments in the following "sentences." Keep in mind that a sentence must have a subject, have a verb, and express a complete thought.

Remember that the "ing" form of a verb is not a true verb unless it is preceded by a helping verb.

Remember that the "to" form of the verb (the infinitive) is not a verb.


1. February, a great day in the history of Dalton State College.


2. The announcement of the return of intercollegiate athletics.


3. Because our students say athletics is important.


4.  Voting for an athletics fee to improve campus life for future students.


5.  Wanting to participate in the full college experience.


6.  Derek Waugh will be the college's new athletics director.


7.  Launching men's and women's teams at the same time.


8.  Although I enjoy college sports.


9.  Dalton State's mission is to provide broad access to quality higher education for the population of Northwest Georgia.


10.  Dalton State's QEP title is "Getting on the 'Write Path.'"


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